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My mission is to help more women thrive in their careers, supporting female leaders with strategic or technical brilliance who are new to leading a team.

Providing impactful coaching, uncovering powerful personal insights to help clients embrace their values and strengths. 
Using this enhanced awareness to set meaningful stretch goals for their career and personal life. Helping them to develop a more confident mindset and winning behaviours to get the results they want.
Supporting clients to have both self-acceptance and self-authority, which is reflected by their capacity to act with integrity according to their personal values. Helping clients to create their vision which engages and inspires both them and others, generating collaboration, involving and therefore engaging everyone in their direction and mission. 
Described as determined, intuitive and collaborative in my coaching style, I know together we can achieve your goals.


Synergise Coaching & Training 



+44 7845 158171


Cornwall, UK

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