Introduce a Coaching Culture to your workplace

We offer a bespoke training course to introduce a coaching culture to your business and train your managers to coach to enable them and you to get the very best from your workforce.

Even better we coach locally at a venue of your choice throughout the South West.

The course will be tailored to your business needs but would usually cover the following areas: 

Purpose, features, and benefits of coaching

(Why Coach). 

Roles and Responsibilities of a coach. (What a coach does). 

Behaviours and Characteristics

(How a coach does it). 

The tools and techniques.  Ethics and barriers to coaching. 

Available in your business premises or a hotel anywhere in the South West. It usually takes place over two days.  

Coaching in the workplace is available to embed the learning over the following 2/3 months if required.



Happy Clients

Since starting my training business this year, I have been working with D&C Police delivering the training workshop This is what some of the delegates have to say about their experience.

Really informative and insightful.
One of the best courses I have been on!
Relevant and authentic. Both trainers knew their business and could make it
relevant to my role

Jessie Brown

Trainers were incredibly knowledgeable about the subject. Relaxed and friendly

environment. A wealth of information.

Great delivery. All the material is clear and useful. There is a good breadth of topics.

The content was pitched at an appropriate level. It really drew out that I knew more than I initially thought.

Avery Smith

Gives me an insight into another tool to motivate, develop and improve
productivity with my staff.
Found the content engaging and took me outside my comfort zone.
Trainers knowledgeable and credible which was very important.

Skyler Adelson

The 2 days were really helpful embedding an understanding. Very
informative and professional. Presentation a good balance of role play/
examples and taught learning.
Relevant subjects to my role as a supervisor. Not too much Powerpoint.
Good group work and interactive
I really enjoyed the 2 days overall.

Payton Hillman


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