Life Coaching - I love helping clients to re-discover their brilliance. Make changes and overcome fear to be who they were born to be.

My clients have an inspiring story often untold.... which drives their ambition.

They want to make a big impact

They are committed to living with purpose, to achieving their dreams, creating a goal so big they have to grow into it. 

They bring a challenge to the table. 

I am curious. What’s the goal behind their goal and what’s the secret that’s holding them back, that they have long forgotten. I want to coach them past their fears to achieve their brilliance.

My coaching is highly personalised and tailor-made to you, bespoke in every way like a suit at the tailors.

If this is you: 

  • Do you want to build better relationships? 

  • You want to be the best leader

  • You want to give yourself permission to speak up and be authentic? 

  • You recognise, that how you are behaving, speaks far louder than what you are doing and want to become a better leader, parent or manager

  • You have a dream to change your life and need support. 

  • You have been made redundant and need support and career coaching to get back on track.

I coach clients who have a dream, to get noticed and make a difference if this is you? I'd love to have a meet you.


Leadership Coaching

Specialist coaching for professional Leader, Manager or Entrepreneur's utilising my twenty-five years management training & experience.

If you are a high-flyer, who has a clear mission, aspirational goals and wants a coach and mentor to hold you accountable to reach all that you aspire to accomplish? Most of my clients are first-line managers who want to ensure they maximise their career opportunities.

I also coach women whos career has plateaued? They come to coaching describing their life as if it feels like their life doesn’t quite fit you anymore. If this is you, but you are not sure what’s next? You frustrated with your career progress, and it’s impacting your life? 

Both of these were me once!  I'd love to get to know you.

You already have experience and expertise in your field. My strength is to coach you to hold courageous conversations, manage challenging situations and teams, progress to your next role and many other challenges both in your work and personal life, that might get in the way of you showcasing your brilliance.

Through impactful Co-active Coaching, I help you to uncover powerful personal insights to embrace your values and strengths. I use this enhanced awareness to set meaningful stretch goals for your career and personal life. You unleash your strengths to develop a more confident mindset and winning behaviours to get the results you want. I partner with you in setting challenging action plans and persistent accountability to work towards your goals.

Don't delay, get in touch today, to have a chat and see what might work to help you move forward.



Explore never-ending possibilities for you and your business. Imagine what could be possible in your life if you had powerful support to play more prominently?

My coaching is bespoke to you, it will always follow your agenda offers. I am an ICF, fully certified and insured so you are in safe hands. 

  • A strategy for living with your inner critic which will enable you to step into your greatness and be ready for the implementation of your next phase as an entrepreneur/leader or manager 

  • An in-depth understanding of your inner mentor and how to grow into the person you want to become. 

  • Insight into, the value of unhooking from praise and criticism, confidence to give and receive feedback, invaluable insight into your impact and life purpose. 

  • You will work with new tools to increase your impact whilst working with your colleagues and in your everyday life. 

You’ll develop skills that will enable you to bring more value to your workplace, create differentiation in your business, and experience more meaning in your life.

Part of the work I've learnt from ”Tara Mohr ‘Playing Big’ it is a game-changing approach. Offers a new model of leadership, one that acknowledges and embraces the complex realities of women’s lives. 

You can benefit from these tools in one to one coaching with me

or by joining a workshop, check out Synergisecoaching.com for more details by clicking the link belwo 

”You Unlimited Workshop” for women I’m excited to share the launch of the next ‘You Unlimited workshop’ for women. It will provide you with tools and concepts which will make a difference in your life and work as a result. Designed to help you to reach your full potential
Feb 29, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Online on zoom

Breakthrough  Coaching


Together we will clarify your values and the beliefs you hold about leadership, both empowering and limiting. 

We will also explore what is challenging you in your journey right now, and consciously choose your way forward. You will walk away from our session with greater focus and tools to invite the change you seek.

Coaching sessions will address “your agenda” but also coach you as a whole person. The topic for each coaching session and coaching as a whole will be shaped by what you most want to get out of the coaching. 

Coaching is about having a professionally trained person to help you access your answers, shift from stuck to unstuck or find clarity where there is confusion. It is also about having an ally, a thinking partner, and a champion to help you leap, make a change or play more powerfully.




Here are some of the specific ways coaching can be of support to you on your journey.

You will learn to connect with your inner mentor, become skilled at managing your inner critic and quieting its voice.

You will work through any challenges you are having, and deepen your understanding of how you can feel more empowered, have more clarity and certainty through real-life application and exploration.

You will get into more significant forward action with your full focus to achieve your goals. You will re-connect with your unique brilliance and feel more empowered to fulfil your ambitions.

​​Latest Customer Review 

"Kaidi has helped me think strategically and put actions in place one step at a time to achieve goals that may have remained simply as dreams without her help. Her training, tools, life wisdom and positive energy have been invaluable and will continue to be, and I am sure as I go forward."




Do you have any questions? Do you want to find out more? Please do drop me a no-obligation email. If your not ready for coaching yet and would like to explore on your own, send me an email putting free life balance workbook in the title. 

+44 7845 158171

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I started off my career coaching sessions, feeling very unconfident about my skills and experience and being very unsure about marketing myself. I also didn't really know exactly what I wanted to do next with my life. Kaidi is very approachable, and she really helped me come out of my shell, to open up to her and enabled me to discuss things I initially felt uncomfortable with. She helped me realise which direction I should be heading.  She gave me lots of practical help on CVs, identifying skills, interview practice etc.  But most of all, she gave me confidence in myself and pride in my abilities which led to early success for the next stage of my life.

Joanne Milner - IT Executive


Synergise Coaching & Training

+44 7845 158171

Cornwall, UK

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